LAS HELPLINE: 0116 291 6958

About Us

Our activities are directed and overseen by our Management Committee. The Committee being a body of annually elected, unpaid volunteers who meet formally once a quarter.

Any LAS members are welcome to attend any of our Committee meetings. The meetings are usually held at a volunteers residence or local community facility.   

As of October 2014, our Management Committee is: 
     Chair                        - Jenny Cornwell
     Vice Chair                - Dave Nutting
     Secretary                 - Lindy Hardcastle 
     Treasurer                  - Peter Holdridge  

          - Evelyn Halsall (Charnwood Autism Support Group - formally L'borough Grp) 
          - Carole Heubeck (LinkUp Editor) 
          - Dawn Craddock (Jigsaw Support Group) 
          - Dr Khalid Karim (Professional/Parent Representative) 
          - Dr. Chris Lewis (Professional)                                     
          - Peter Longhurst (Parent Representative)
          - Paul Sandford (Translate)
          - Helen Jordan (Spectrum)  
          - Claire Ball (Website)