LAS HELPLINE: 0116 291 6958

How Can You Help? 

As a volunteer led organisation we are always in need of extra help, and every bit of help counts. Listed below are a few ideas of the many ways in which you may be able to help us.

     - Become a Member and be informed! (See below)

     - Make a donation (see below)

     - Invite one of our team to give a talk to your school, group, club or organisation

     - Join our team for a local fundraising event

     - Join our team at a local awareness-raising event

     - Join our team campaign efforts

     - Donate items of saleable quality

     - Volunteer to help in any way you can! 

To Become a Member
Membership to the LAS is via the Membership Secretary (0795 823 5015) or use the form in the LinkUp. Annual Membership is £5 (Parent/Carers), £7 (Professionals).

Please make cheques payable to 'Leicestershire Autistic Society' and mail to:

LAS Membership, 73 Carlton Drive, Leics LE1 8DG

If you have any questions regarding Membership please call the Helpline, Membership Secretary, or contact one of Committee Members.      

To Make a Donation
Make your cheque out to 'Leicestershire Autistic Society' and mail it to Peter Holdridge, Treasurer LAS, 25 Linden Avenue, Countesthorpe, Leicestershire LE8 5PG.          Many Thanks!